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Self-erecting Crane

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Mobile Foldable Tower Crane

Brief description:
10 BENEFITS Discover the versatile benefits: Fast erection (Within 8 minutes) Single handed operation Flexible operation through built in generator/mains connection Moving the crane in upward position (no loads) Working radius 38 meter (360) Direct alignment next to building/site Small radius through steering rear axle Cabin height adjustable to every level Radio controlled remote control Fully ballasted, no separate supply of ballast to site

Item NumberMTC21050MTC16080MTC28065MTC20300
Erection Time Need8 min8 min8 min8 min
Tower Height17m15m23m17.5m
Jib Length21m16m28m20m
Max. Load1500kg2000kg2000kg6000kg
Tip Load500kg800kg650kg3150kg
Max.Rated Load Moment13tm15tm26tm63tm
Lifting Height15.5m14m22m15.2m
Max.Working Radius21m16m28m20m
Min.Working Radius2.3m2.2m2.5m2.5m
Towing Speed18m/min18m/min12/24m/min0~20m/min
No-load Rotation Speed0~0.5r/min0~0.5r/min0~0.5r/min0~0.65r/min
Max.Lifting Speed15m/min20m/min15/30m/min20/40m/min
Cummins Genset30KW30KW30KW
Hoist Motor5.5kw7.5kw7.5kw18.5kw
Slewing Motor1.5kw1.5kw2.2kw5.5kw
Trolleying Motor1.5kw1.5kw2.2kw2.2kw
Slewing Diameter4.9m4.9m5.1m
Upright Column 1st Section5.8m5m8.2m
Upright Column 2nd Section11.2m8m13.5m
Jib Section 1st11m8m14m
Jib Section 2nd9m6m12m
Outrigger Skip Distance4*4m4*4m4.2x4.2m5.3*5.3m
Hydraulic Oil Capacity60L60L80L
Mini Radius Of Turning10m10m12m9m
Wireless Remote ControlYesYesYes
Machine Towing Size(L*W*H)11.5*2.2*3.7m9.5*2.2*3.7m13.5*2.5*4m11.5*2.5*3.95m
Machine Total Weight10.5tons9tons19tons18tons
Jib Length2.3-9m10m2.5-7m8m2.5-1.3m14m2.5-10m12m
Lifting Load1500kg1300kg2000kg1800kg2000kg1800kg6000kg5400kg
Jib Length11m12m9m10m15m16m14m16m
Lifting Load1140kg1030kg1600kg1500kg1700kg1550kg4600kg4000kg
Jib Length13m14m11m12m17m18m18m20m
Lifting Capacity940kg860kg1350kg1200kg1450kg1350kg3530kg3150kg
Jib Length15m16m13m14m19m20m
Lifting Capacity790kg740kg1100kg1000kg1250kg1150kg
Jib Length17m18m15m16m21m22m
Lifting Load690kg640kg900kg800kg1050kg980kg
Jib Length19m20m23m24m
Lifting Load600kg550kg900kg850kg
Jib Length21m25m26m
Lifting Load500kg800kg750kg
Jib Length27m28m
Lifting Load700kg650kg