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Specialty installation and commissioning ensuring complete acceptance of production line

Depending on the customers’ needs, HAMAC installation engineers can provide on-site guidance in infrastructure construction, equipment installation and commissioning, as well as trial operation of entire production line. If technical items meet the design criteria, the customer will issue the certificate of conformity.

Project management services

We assign a project manager for each project, who provides specialized project management services, including strict project stage progress management to ensure on-schedule project completion. Strict internal production management ensuring on-schedule production completion.Providing customers with detailed construction schedule and proposal to ensure on-schedule completion of production line construction.

Installation services

We provide complete installation services for customers regarding site leveling, foundation drawing inspection, construction progress and team planning, installation instructions, and production line commissioning, to ensure smooth operation of production lines. In addition, we provide appropriate trainings for customers to achieve their satisfaction.

Strong hardware facilities besides outstanding personnel and effective procedures

Integrating R&D, production, distribution, and service-providing into one enterprise, HAMAC attaches great importance to communication with customers. We have established an after sales visit team consisting of more than 56 persons. On the one hand, they timely solve the problems that our customers encounter; on the other hand, they collect feedback and improvement recommendations from our customers, to correctly orient our development and research.


Turning on the mode of Internet of Things(IOT) to assist our customers in testing and commissioning, and provide technical instructions.


Providing services throughout the life cycle of project, preventing the occurrence of embarrassed situation that at the later stage nobody except for the customer cares about the investment.