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Teila's Subsidiaries

Heny was founded in 2010, the pump truck remanufacturing service brand of Teila  Group,took the lead in launching the industry's ultra-high standard maintenance and remanufacturing I, II, and III standard system, and accumulated more than 1,000 remanufactured equipment!Beginning in 2019, Heny Remanufacturing started the construction of a nationwide target of 50franchise bases. At present, 15 of them have been successfully realized, which can provide the Heny remanufacturing equipment with nationwide joint repair and joint warranty services,and provide lifetime technical support, Accessories supply service.

At present, Heny has become one of the most professional concrete machineryrepair and remanufacturing service providers in China. Its products are exported toSingapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, India and other overseas countries, with the largest single transaction The amount is over ten million